Melissa Fischer. wild in Michigan. naturalist

Tuesday farm days

my skirted farm girl


Recently my friend gave me verbal directions on great walk in his area. He mentioned veering off on a path to the left…or was it to the right? Fearing I’d miss the turn, I asked if the path was on the left or right side a few times.

He said, “It’s a path. You’ll see it.”

When I’m looking for a path I think of a narrow patch of grass knocked down by deer hooves shown below. (It’s actually a little more obvious in real life than in this photo)

deer path

This is what I saw when I followed the path through the grass. Deer often use the same paths so I look for the paths to follow where the deer cross the road.

My path questions were unwarranted-ridiculous really. And I noticed my daughter and I both switched out our socks and heavy shoes for flip-flops for the walk today.

obvious path



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