Melissa Fischer. wild in Michigan. naturalist

Searching and nesting

After an unusually high number of people landed on my blog by searching for answers to their questions I feel like I should answer a few of their questions directly.

Male turkey poop is shaped like a question mark. If it’s a female’s it will be a spiral pile.

Downy woodpeckers are smaller than Hairy woodpeckers, though some of the markings are similar.

House Sparrows will not leave during the summer. (sadly)

-I hope who ever ended up on my blog after searching “sex pictures” is pleased with the bird sex they viewed.

-To whomever searched “Melissa nice pooper while sleeping” I can just say that I like to think so. I think this may have been my best friend messing around with me, but I’m not completely sure.

-Yes you can legally empty a sparrow’s nest if it is a House Sparrow’s nest.

The House Sparrow nest. Its center is lined with feathers. There aren't any eggs yet.

The beginning of an Eastern Bluebird nest.



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