Melissa Fischer. wild in Michigan. naturalist

It’s going to be 50°F and sunny today and lower 30’s the rest of the week…skipping all indoor chores all day.

Outdoor Discovery Preserve in Holland, MI
On Saturday my friend Kelly took me to a local nature preserve. It was warm enough for frogs to call for girlfriends.

Wetland trees at the Outdoor Discovery Nature Preserve in Holland, Michigan.

Since there are only about 6 flowers blooming now I do expect a few honey bees to sniff around me on a sunny day. It’s good to smell nothing like a flower.

A honeybee gathering pollen in a crocus. Check out the full pollen sacks. What will they do when it snows in a couple of days?

Spring in the most exciting time of year to me, but I’ll miss seeing the large animals as the underbrush fills in.

I probably won't be seeing turkeys everyday until late next fall.

Turkey hunting opens April 1st. I won't be seeing the regulars after that.



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