Melissa Fischer. wild in Michigan. naturalist

before the storm

As of Tuesday night the local area is under a Blizzard Warning……warnings of high winds up to 50 mph and a chance of 10-18″ of snow. I thought today would be a wild day in the yard with animals frantically eating. It wasn’t at all.

Two Eastern Bluebirds leaving the suet feeder and a Downy Woodpecker behind. I thought the feeders would need to be filled a few times today, but there was surprisingly little traffic compared to many winter days.

Its blurry, but I wanted to show some use of the nesting platform- finally. I bought this platform years ago hoping a Robin would nest there. A bird has never shown any interest in using it to nest.

They were too far away to get a clear shot, but it shows what the birds were up to today. There was a lot of huddling together and suet eating.

We won't be seeing the sun through the snow storm on Tuesday and Wednesday. A freshly freed monarch.



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