Melissa Fischer. wild in Michigan. naturalist

The animals inside our home.

Normally I focus on the animals outdoors, but I’ve bumped into some entertaining circumstances highlighting some of my indoor critters over the last week.

This is a tribute to my husband. He is a firm believer in attaching  twist ties to bread and other foods.... a total waste of time. If you enlarge this picture you can see a gaping hole in this package of crackers he bundled up with the world's smallest tie. He finds it maddening I twist and tuck the bread bag closed, despite it being a speedy and airtight way to store food. I'll twist tie it up if we're travelling with food or move to earthquake territory. He IS thankful I've learned to screw the cap back on the milk.

Indoor winter toys. One of the keys to happiness is not having anything too valuable when your kids are young... that way you can let them do outdoor activities indoors during snowy winter days.

This is our family pet, Molly. She is sitting on my camera cloth. She's not working with me to keep my camera lens clean.



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