Melissa Fischer. wild in Michigan. naturalist

I’m jealous of my best friend’s carcass and my neighborhood is making me shallow.

My best friend lives on a lake. Her mother-in-law recently bagged an elk and they threw the carcass out on the lake in front of the house. I am so jealous of the carcass. She’s enjoyed watching fox and bald eagles eat right in front of her. She also mentioned her hubby can legally own a few foxes to harvest their pee. (It IS expensive to buy from a store.) We’ve had some fun conversations on how you’d go about harvesting fox pee over the past few weeks.

This snow goose escaped a neighbor's pen late summer. I highlighted it in an earlier blog due to the massive amounts of shit it produced and its penchant for hanging out with a little brown duck for weeks. The duck finally migrated while the goose moved to our backyard creek that doesn't freeze. I hated the goose hanging out first because of the poop and because its ugly. (My neighborhood is making me shallow I swear.) The goose did bring a surge of hawks in the area and it was amazing to see a hawk do a few fly overs at the goose. I hoped to catch a photo of a hawk carrying the goose away. A neighbor called a wildlife rescue to capture the goose and it took off flying after seeing the rescue gal and her glorified fishing net.

It is too cold to be in the snow at all for this guy in the tree.

2 degrees is too cold for both feet in the snow.



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