Melissa Fischer. wild in Michigan. naturalist

She’s a super freak- su per freak.

So my best friend Jodi mentions she “thinks” there’s a nest in one of her two nesting boxes… maybe some eggs. I ask what kind of eggs? She says, “Jack says they’re white.” He’s in kindergarten this year.

I forget she’s not into freaking herself out and poking her head into small spaces where wild animals are hanging out.

I finally got over to her house and poked around for a while. (She IS a shopping maven and I had to pick up a dress she bought for me.)

By the end of the afternoon she DID peek into all the critter spots.

Stay tuned for pictures of her perennials I’m babysitting for the next year or two.

A praying mantis cocoon. The first summer after they moved in there was a praying mantis on Jack's bedroom window screen. He told Jodi there was a bear outside his window.

Male bluebird near the full nesting box.

A box full of baby bluebirds.

Tree Swallow- proud parent of four eggs.

Tree Swallow

Maybe four Tree Swallow eggs in a nestful of feathers.

Robin's nest.


One response

  1. J Lo

    That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best!

    May 21, 2010 at 9:59 pm


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