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No pecker yet….

Still waiting for a great pileated woodpecker shot or an interesting wood pecker moment. My friend Helen has a few great pictures I’m thinking about using if I dont’ have luck soon.

These aren’t great pictures, but it’s still fun to capture a little of the busy bird season. The male and female grosbeak showed up this week. I wonder what sort of nests they make and where they spend their winters. (someplace with a nut or two I’m guessing based on their strong beaks) The female’s feather pattern is one of my favorites, despite most field guides describing it as bland.

I spotted a female robin making her second nest of the season. Her first nest was robbed and then abandoned. I hope to get some pictures in the sunlight over the weekend.

Will the bluebirds ever hatch?? Their second nest is now complete.

Male rose-breasted grosbeak

Male rose-breasted grosbeak

An Oriole eating the suet barenaked  style.

An Oriole eating the suet bare naked style.


One response

  1. Jon

    cool pix once again my lady

    May 15, 2010 at 9:27 pm


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